Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I apply for a job at the High Point ABC?

Answer: For complete instructions to apply, please visit our Careers Page

Question: What are the stores hours of operations?

Answer: For a complete list of store hours and locations, please visit our Store Locator Page

Question: Are there age restrictions for entry into a High Point ABC Store?

Answer: It is the policy of the High Point ABC Board to prohibit anyone 18, 19 or 20 years of age from entering our stores. Children under the age of 17 may enter our stores, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Question: On which holidays are the High Point ABC stores closed?

Answer: The High Point ABC observes the following Holidays, and are closed on:

New Year's Day

Dr. Martin Luther King Day

4th of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

Question: What are the acceptable forms of identification for the purchase of alcohol?

Answer: There are 4 acceptable forms of identification for the purchase of alcohol in North Carolina. Those forms are:

A valid driver's license

A valid state issued ID

A valid passport

A valid U.S. Military ID

Question: What is the board's age verification policy?

Answer: All persons entering an ABC store should have a valid form of identification unless under the age of 18 and accompanied by a parent or guardian. If a customer appears to be under the age of 30, we will ask for identification for the verification of age. If there are doubts about the form of identification, we may ask for a second form of identification.

Our board takes seriously our commitment to prevent underage drinking and we reserve the right to refuse service to any patron who is unable to provide an acceptable form of identification.

Question: Does the board have a policy on group sales?

Answer: It is the High Point ABC Board's policy that all members in a group must be of an acceptable age to purchase alcohol. All members of parties entering a store must be able to produce an acceptable form of identification upon request. The exception is children under the age of 18 and accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Question: What forms of payment can be used at the High Point ABC board?

Answer: We gladly accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Debit cards. We also accept mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay. We do not accept checks.

Question: What is the board's return or refund policy?

Answer: Once the product is paid for and the customer has left the store with the merchandise, no refunds, exchanges or returns are permitted. All sales are final. The only exception to this policy is if the product is found to be defective. If a product is defective, we will work with the customer and the distillery representative to resolve the issue.

Question: Do items go on sale?

Answer: The North Carolina ABC commission approves monthly price reductions or sales. These items will be marked by a special price tag in our store. A list of the current price reductions can be found in the information center in all of our stores.

For a direct link to the commission's list of prices. Click Here

Question: What are special orders?

Answer: We can only stock items that have been approved by the North Carolina ABC Commission. If you are interested in a product not currently carried in our stores or approved by the commission, you may request information on special orders.

Special Order products may be purchased by the bottle or by the case. You may contact a store manager or the administrative office to receive information on purchasing special order. Special Orders require prepayment. Please visit the Special Order section of the NCABC website by selecting the following: Special Orders